Help the SPA by Sponsoring a Casita

Help the SPA by Sponsoring a Casita

By Megan Gabel


“Casita” is the fancy name we use for an animal’s residence at the SPA. The only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in SMA, the Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. houses around 100 animals. Providing for our resident cats and dogs as they wait to be adopted is a costly undertaking. The donation to sponsor a casita (an annual commitment) is about US$1 per day. You will be rewarded by the knowledge that you are helping to support these homeless pets until they are adopted.


If you would like to sponsor a casita, simply go to our website ( and click on “How To Help” at the top. Then choose “Support Our Fundraisers.” To use PayPal, scroll down on that page to “Sponsor a Doggy/Kitty Casita.” Other payment options are listed on that same page. Then just let us know what personal inscription you want on your Big Bone Designer Plaque or Big Fish Designer Plaque which will be mounted on a dog’s “casita” or the cattery, respectively. We will send you a photo when your casita plaque is installed.


If you have any questions about the casita program or how to sign up, please email us at Thank you to those who currently sponsor a casita and renew every year—we really appreciate it!

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