Will They Ever Have a Home?

Will They Ever Have a Home?

By Megan Gabel

Tessie has been at the SPA since 2013. Now about eight years old, she is still a beautiful medium-sized Golden Retriever mix with sparkling eyes. She knows how to sit on command and is happy to do so, especially for a treat. She loves to cuddle and get attention and walks easily on a leash, although she likes to stop and sniff a lot when she’s outside. So why is she still at the SPA? 

Zeus began his life at the SPA in 2016 when he was only six days old. He was adopted a few months later and returned to the SPA nine months after that. Something very wrong happened to him while he was in his adopted home. We believe he was kept tied up in a separate room because his owners were afraid to introduce him to their new baby. Since returning, he spends much of his time spinning circles in a cage and barking for attention. However, he loves going on a walk. He adores getting attention from those he knows and will cuddle endlessly. So why is he still at the SPA?

The answer to these questions is because we cannot show them for adoption to strangers. We don’t know how they will react. A few years ago, Tessie snapped at a possible adopter who tried to pet her when going over her head. She still occasionally snaps at people she doesn’t know. When inside the SPA, Zeus barks vigorously at strangers who try to approach him or people we are trying to introduce to him. These two are wonderful dogs, but their options are limited. We hope that one day people will take the time to get to know and understand them and be willing to shower them with love in their own homes.

Until then, Tessie and Zeus are safe at the SPA. We will provide food, care, shelter, and love to them for as long as it takes or as long as they live, whichever comes first. Please help us help them and all our resident cats and dogs. All new donations to the SPA up to a total of US$2,500 will be MATCHED! It’s easy to donate via PayPal, online at www.spasanmiguel.org (“Donate” button, top of each page), or on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spasanmiguel (“Shop now” button, just below the banner). You may also donate by Mexican or US check written to “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” (full name required), or by US check to “San Miguel Community Foundation.” To obtain a US tax receipt, indicate on your check donation for SPA. Checks may be dropped off at the SPA: Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124, or at any La Conexión location (mark envelope “SPA, PMB 18”). Please email info@spasanmiguel.org with questions.

No donation is too little or too big. We are very grateful for your help.