The Cookies

The Cookies

By Jayn Corral


The Cookies arrived at the SPA in early August 2020 at the age of 3 months. They were scared then, but we all thought they would overcome their fear in time and with socialization. We have made some progress with Oreo, but Ginger and her sister, Ritz, could sure use your help to make their lives better. Those two seem to revert to their life of fear with every new day and are in desperate need of a home where they will receive more attention than we are able to give them.


Ginger is a tiny, beautiful calico and Ritz is a brown and white tabby with great markings. Potential adopters would never know that, though. They never get a chance to see them. After a few times hissing at approaching volunteers, Ritz realizes that she is safe and actually enjoys human interaction. She shows her appreciation by licking the hand that she initially hissed at. Ginger requires more work and more time. Pobrecita!


Oreo, their brother, is a sweet, laidback black-and-white tabby who has life all figured out. He is not at all bothered by other cats or people. He likes to play with toys, his roommates, and the few people who are permitted to volunteer during these restricted times. Oreo comforts his sisters and naps with them, yet he hasn’t quite managed to convince them to relax and be happy. If only he could!


We have other shy adult cats that have spent their entire lives at the SPA. Several have been adopted, but the transition was so overwhelming that they never adapted well in their new environment. They are happy to be “shelter cats” receiving love, medical care, and food, while being with their friends.


While they are still young, Ginger and Ritz have a chance to avoid becoming permanent SPA residents. They are young enough to adapt to a home setting and will be thrilled to be away from the shelter. If you are thinking about adopting a kitten, please consider giving them a chance to thrive under your love and protection. 


The SPA’s adoption hours are Monday-Saturday, 11am-2pm, Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124. Our available cats are here: Our available dogs are here: Only one person will be allowed to enter the SPA for an adoption interview. That person must wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from SPA personnel.