Be Yourself at Gamma

Be Yourself at Gamma

By Fernanda Noriega


On Zacateros you will find one of the most welcoming spots of San Miguel de Allende.


“Gamma is a place for the eccentrics, for those who want a place where they can be themselves. It’s a second home,” said Amanda, who is a bartender along with Jessica.


At Gamma you breathe in camaraderie at the entrance. The girls who work here know that they are friends before they are co-workers, just as clients have forged friendship with each other.


The walls proudly carry a series of pictures that have been made by the diners themselves. Also you will find that Bermuda, the owner of the establishment, walks between tables interacting with the people. Jessica joked about the dog that was there and belongs to the owner, stressing that the bar is pet friendly.


What is a good time to get to Gamma? Starting at 7:30 pm the tables begin to fill up and so it goes until 12 am when they close their doors. Every day of the week the dynamics change, giving versatility to the establishment. On Tuesdays you can find drag queens who come from Querétaro, León, and even Argentina. On Wednesdays the stage turns into karaoke for those who are bravest. Thursdays is open mike when independent artists, closet singers, or anyone who has something to express can take the microphone and have fun. On Fridays and Saturdays there is a DJ.


The menu also offers something for all tastes. There are non-alcoholic drinks among which the “lavender kiss” stands out, and also the traditional ones such as the “whiskey sour” consisting of lemon, sugar, Jack Daniels, and egg white.


Amanda and Jessica describe Gamma as an inclusive place. People of all ages, nationalities, and genders find a second home within its walls. They also talk about empowerment or the feeling of Gamma girl power, as they call it, because those in charge are all women and have formed a very strong working team.



Zacateros 73, Centro

415 117 1420