Secretary of Security Resigns

Secretary of Security Resigns

On September 20, the Secretary of Security Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddi resigned. Then, mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal announced that his license would end on the 22nd of the month, and prior to his return, five people were shot in Colonia San Rafael.


The reason for the resignation of the Secretary of Security, according to interim mayor Gonzalo González, was health issues. The secretary had suffered a fall and his disability would last three weeks longer which would not be sufficient time for him to be reintegrated before the end of the current administration’s term. When Gonzalo González announced the resignation of the Secretary he gave assurances that he leaves an integrated corporation; with a C4, in which the firing station is currently located, C2 for monitoring traffic lights, the Security Police Station, and the space for firing; also with 100 percent confidence in accredited controls and exams.


“He suffered a considerable fall. He was taken care of, he did not intend to resign. He is a determined and firm person, and until the last moment he wanted to continue in office, but the fall caused a considerable decline in his health,” said González.


He also assured that the resignation is consensual; and that currently the one in charge of the offices is Alejandro Saavedra, Administrative Coordinator.


Just one day after this announcement, on September 21 before midnight, at least eight shots were heard in the neighborhood of San Rafael. Residents alerted emergency services and the police, the Red Cross, and later the Forensic Medical Service arrived. Three men died on site. A woman (who later died in the civil hospital) and a man were transported with serious injuries. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office D is investigating the case.


Meanwhile, the mayor with license, Luis Alberto Villarreal, returned to his post following his leave on September 23. He will submit his last government report on September 30 in the Jardín Principal. His administration ends on October 9, 2021. Read an interview with the outgoing mayor in our next issue.