Try Café La Palma, in Casa Blanca

Try Café La Palma, in Casa Blanca

On Calzada de la Estación, between the Central de Autobuses and the Bicentennial Bridge, Casa Blanca was the party room for all kinds of social events. Today, the option are different. You can go there to have photographs, oil paintings, watercolors or drawings framed (Lavinia does this), or simply to get a coffee.


Right at the entrance of the building there is a unique café, It has an outdoor space, but there is also space indoors if you are looking for less noise from the street or wish to have an intimate conversation. The coffee is unique because it is vegan. It is said that cooking “is the art of disguising flavors, to create others” and this is the magic is created by Pat Sommer. She can make feta cheese as well as mozzarella but all of them plant-based. She has German roots, emigrated young to the United States and then traveled around the world. For ten years she lived in China, spent time in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, London, and many other countries. These diverse cultures that set the tone for her to do what she was looking for—vegan cooking.


For the coffee almond milk is used. For breakfast or lunch, Gaby can mix ingredients. It could be a Greek salad, a bahnmi sandwich with a side of soybeans, pickles, carrots, lettuce, and other ingredients and dressings that are also prepared by Pat herself.


Cafe La Palma

Calzada de la Estacion 151

Open Mon to Fri, 9am–5pm