“Do Not be a Prisoner of Your Own Style” Jóvenes Adelante’s Víctor

“Do Not be a Prisoner of Your Own Style” Jóvenes Adelante’s Víctor

By Don Krim 


Fifth in a series focusing on stories of our incoming 2021 class.

Student: Víctor

Field of study: Law


Do not be a prisoner of your own style!” 


Another budding law student with Jóvenes Adelante, Víctor is from the campo and is 17 years old from a family of four. Describing his family, he says:


“My parents support me in everything I do, both emotionally and economically, especially my father who is the person who inspires me the most because of his intelligence and maturity when solving situations…He is a loyal person, very fair and dedicated above all to his work and family…I particularly like…working together with him…in agriculture. Together we are very good; my role is to do the heaviest, whatever it is to help much more in the activities…”


Víctor is eager and self-reflective. He describes himself as “a very competitive person. I want to be better at everything (than) everyone else… (I am) shy but cheerful when I gain confidence, with a lot of anger and resentment when someone or something fails me, intelligent because with little effort I can do truly spectacular things.” 


Intelligent and with a curious mind, Víctor has many interests. He is most passionate about technology and computing but goes on to describe in detail: “What I like the most is music, as it pulls the best feelings towards me and is my greatest passion… Movies and series show me many things where at the same time I can learn new things…Sports such as soccer or taekwondo show the best skills that a person possesses…” 


Víctor clearly loves to learn. “I always dedicate myself to learning new things. I make in my mind a list of the things that I want to learn and on the days off I dedicate myself to investigate more about it, things that range from food, to mechanics, physics, culture of other parts, religions, other languages.


What drives me to choose a career in law is…to help society solve part of its problems…In five years I see myself as a person dedicated to my work with everything ready to grow as a person within society and support many people, for which I am willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary time, money and putting my best effort. I have realized how important it is to fight for all your dreams, whether they are the most absurd and I have always said this: Do not be a prisoner of your own style!”


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