Sabor y Vida: Agavia

Sabor y Vida: Agavia

Agavia Restaurant has the aim of bringing out the potential in their food through the use of natural ingredients. Everything they use is one hundred percent Mexican and the products are all purchased from Sanmiguelenses. With this they are trying to show that gourmet meals don’t need to be pricey and that they can be totally Mexican. Their menu features contemporary cuisine with a creative touch.

One of their specialties that delights their customers is the mole brownie with the added touch of pulque ice cream and guava jelly. They have a special potato salad, “papa de campo,’’ that is baked for four hours along with beets and turns out delicious. Chef Jesús Arellano Beltrán is in charge of everything and as the name of the restaurant implies, they specialize in pulque drinks which are always fresh. Since only seasonal fruits are used, they change depending on the time of year. 

Mole is one of the most typical Mexican dishes and that is why they decided to use it as a main staple on their menu. You can find some imaginative dishes such as squash blossoms stuffed with requeson cheese, pápalo (a unique Mexican herb), and almonds; it’s served over sauteed huitlacoche. There are also brisket tacos which have been marinated in pulque, baked for four hours and then served with a special sauce. Another customer favorite is the honey buñuelos that come with papaya so that you can taste different flavors and textures. My personal favorite is the tlacoyos stuffed with shredded beef and covered with pasilla chiles, served with roasted marrow. They are super delicious. The place is very pleasant, with a good atmosphere and a great view. It’s a good spot not only for food, but for drinks as well. They have whiskeys, sake, mezcal, and many other Mexican drinks. 

Mon-Sun. 2-10pm

Hernández Macias 115 

415 105 8826