Elías Guerrero Pérez: Advertising production and edition. XESQ

Elías Guerrero Pérez: Advertising production and edition. XESQ

For me a perfect day is Sunday. I very much enjoy getting up early so I can feel the cold morning air on my face as I ride my bicycle. Biking is one of my favorite pastimes and I usually bike between 10 and 15 kilometers. I do it to detach from reality for a while and to connect with the world. I don’t have a fixed route. Sometimes I go near the Presa, on other occasions to San Miguel Viejo or Dolores Hidalgo, near La Esperanza community. I also like to discover new places like the San Rafael bridge.

I like to get coffee early at La Ventana because it’s fresh; they grind it on their premises and it’s very accessible. Also, they are ver’y cautious and follow all the necessary health measures. After that, I go back home, take a shower, and go out with my wife. We like to go out to dinner for some typical Mexican food at places like La Posadita, Agavia, Hecho en México, or Los Milagros. We really enjoy sunsets and travelling with the family so we spend the day in fields near some community with snacks and good music.

If we are not going out to dinner, then once my wife and I are back home I prepare something for us to eat. Cooking is another one of my passions. I usually like to cook something with shrimp or seafood. That’s my perfect day.

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