Flavor and Life: Ojo de Agua

Flavor and Life: Ojo de Agua

Ojo de Agua is a restaurant that was began in Mexico City and is characterized by providing healthy food. The quality of the products used in their dishes is among the highest anywhere in Mexico. The first thing you notice when you arrive is a display of premium fruits and vegetables. One of the major pluses of the restaurant is that they prepare their own original drinks. They offer organic wines by the glass, as well as beer. But they also have high-end cocktails, including everything from classic martinis, to margaritas, daiquiri, and gin and tonic. The menu offers a large selection of dishes. The Acai, for example, is a delicious fruit bowl featuring granola topped with banana, coconut, strawberries, and berries. This healthy dish offers you a good breakfast option without animal fats and flour. 


The restaurant’s fast food section has a fairly wide selection of salads and sandwiches, which can also be ordered through Uber Eats. The atmosphere at the restaurant is calming, and the fresh air allows you to spend your time there relaxed. The friendly staff will treat you with great affection, creating a comfortable setting. 


Ojo de Agua now also serves brunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The feature item is probably the oysters from Ensenada, including a special of oysters accompanied by miñonets—a type of vinaigrette similar to a pickle in which chives are fermented with a balsamic raspberry vinegar—and cucumbers. This is a featured recipe from Chef Ana Pereira. You can also try the salmon trout which comes from Zitácuaro, Michoacán. It’s cured in a combination of soy and mirin sauces, with a bit of orange juice. If you like meat, there is a dish called Picaña Prime, beef properly aged so that it is juicy inside. This dish is accompanied by a smoked cauliflower puree with meat sauce. You can follow the restaurant on social networks as Ojo de Agua Mexico.


Pila Seca 32

Sun-Wed, 8am-6pm

Thu-Sat., 8am-10pm

415 150 1389