Perfect Day: Animated films

Perfect Day: Animated films

Animation is a form of artistic expression that introduces viewers into fantastic worlds limited only by the imagination of their creators. Netflix offers a great variety of animated films, and here are some of the ones that I liked the most. These are perfect to see in the company of your family.


Toy Story 1 and 2:  This endearing story takes us from the the time when Buzz Lightyear appears in Andy’s life, through the time when he says goodbye to his childhood friends when leaving for college. The entire tetralogy has been nominated for 11 Oscars and earned four of the golden statuettes. One of the awards was an Oscar for Special Achievement in 1996 for being the first fully computer-animated feature film.


Mari Iyagi (My beautiful girl): Young Kim Nam-woo feels constantly abandoned by the people around him. To escape, he goes to a dream world where he meets a girl named Mari. A beautiful coming of age story of self-discovery and maturity, South Korean director Lee Sung-gang’s debut feature received great acclaim during its tour at festivals around the world. At the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, the film won the top award for Best Feature Film.


Shrek:  Shrek’s cherished loneliness in the swamp where he dwells is suddenly disturbed by the invasion of multiple characters from fairy tales. To reclaim his home, the ogre makes a deal with the evil Lord Farquaad, who tasks him with rescuing Princess Fiona to become his wife. The film was part of the official selection at Cannes in 2001 and winner of the first Oscar for Best Animated Film. The first installment in the DreamWorks franchise was widely praised for its subversion of typical elements of fairy tales as well as its humor. It offers themes that played well both to children and adults. 


Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart: Set in the city of Edinburgh in 1874, the story is about Jack, who is born on a day so cold that his heart froze. In order for him to survive, they implanted a clock into him. However, there are three things he may never do if he wants to survive—never touch the hands of his clock-heart, control his anger, and never fall in love.

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