Arriving in San Miguel, a Live Concert from Cuba

Arriving in San Miguel, a Live Concert from Cuba

The courtyard of Casa Europa will showcase Treasures of Latin America. The only orchestra in Latin America composed entirely of women will come to San Miguel de Allende after the Cervantino Festival. 


Now that more of the population is vaccinated, little by little events are returning to the city’s Cultural Centers. One of these is Casa Europa in Mexico, which will host Camerata Romeu, a unique stage presence. The musical ensemble was founded in Havana by Zenaida Romeu.


According to the orchestra site: “The aesthetic concept is based on the recognition and promotion of the musical production values of our Latin American composers, expressed through the string orchestra, have created in this Central European ensemble, a sound absolutely new, born in the Americas.”


Francois Yohalem, who is based in San Miguel, is the one responsible for presenting the group to the city. This was made possible thanks to her friendship with the founder. “The orchestra has been invited to play at the Cervantino. For many years, I have been a friend of the lady who founded it. When we heard that they were coming to the Cervantino, we thought it would be interesting to invite them to play in San Miguel because they are very famous. They have been to many countries.”


Yohalem also said that the event is for the benefit of the orchestra and their families. She explained: “Cuba is a very poor place.” Because of this, she is also asking those who can to donated medicines that the artists will take back to the island. If you want to help, send an email to


Tickets are available at La Conexion at 500 pesos. Attendance is limited to 60 people. The concert will take place on Saturday, October 23, at 5pm at the corner of Calle San Francisco and Juárez.