Meet Some of the New Administration’s Directors

Meet Some of the New Administration’s Directors

Gabriel Arturo Yáñez Saldaña: He has a degree in criminology. He was Director of Security in San Miguel from 2012-2015.


Edgar Bautista: He is an architect and was Director of Urban Development from 2011-2015. In this administration he will be the Director of the Municipal Institute for Planning and Sustainable Development.


José Luis Pérez: Director of Public Services. He was a councilor of the city council in 2003-2006. He has held positions in Social Development and SAPASMA.


Emilio Lara Sandoval: He is an architect. He is the current Director of Heritage and the Historic Center, of which he was deputy director in 2009-2012. 


Roberto Pérez Solís: A lawyer and firefighter. This is his first foray into public life as Director of Civil Protection.


Patricia Jurado Maycotte: She is an administrator and a businesswoman. This is her first foray into public administration as Director of Economic Development, International Relations, and liaison with Civil Society Organizations.


Cuca González: He is an athlete and runs a family banquet and awning business. He has dabbled in politics as a candidate for local and federal deputy, and mayor. He is in charge of the Municipal Sports Commission.


Raúl Vallejo: Accountant and graduate from the University of Guanajuato. He has 20 years of experience in public life. He occupies the office of Treasury.


Maria Helena Vázquez: She is a civil engineer and has been a councilor twice. She occupied the Offices of Public Works in 2009. She was consecutively elected as councilor, and resigned this post to take the office of Director of Public Works.


Acacio Martinez: Director of Culture and Traditions. He held the same position during the 2012-2015 administration.

Rossana Patlán: Director of the Institute for Women. She is a lawyer and an accountant. She held the same position from 2012-2015.