San Miguel, land of love

San Miguel, land of love

By Fernanda Noriega


Eugenio Vargas is a partner in the Sánchez, Armas y Vargas Law Firm. He is a San Miguel man who is passionate about the traditions of the people of the city and the peace he finds inside its colorful walls. You are as likely to find him having breakfast at a post inside the Ignacio Ramírez market as at the Bautista carnitas stand, which he claims are the best he has ever tasted.


He loves walking along the colorful streets and says there is no better way to start the day than with a walk through Benito Juárez Park. Here you breathe in the fresh air and recharge energy for the busy day ahead. To visit San Miguel in his company is an arduous adventure. In addition to knowing the history of each building and corner of the town, about which he speaks throughout the walk, he shares his recommendations for all the tastes for food and drinks, and hours of the day, which he has up his sleeve. He will tell you about the unparalleled views of the parish of San Miguel when you eat on the terrace of Pueblo Viejo. Or he might tell you about trying the country style of Coyote Flaco, on the way to the sanctuary of Atotonilco. If you prefer something homier, he recommends going to the corner of Hernández Macías and Pila Seca streets where La Cocina is located. “The smells come out through the windows. You haven’t yet entered and you are already craving their enmoladas, just from the aroma,” says Vargas.


Late in the afternoon, he likes to go for “an Allende,” a craft beer produced in San Miguel. He either goes to La 21nica on Jesus or to the Manantial on Barranca Street. When asked how it is that he does not go all night long at his favorite bars, he laughed and said that “there are no better tacos in the city than the ones on San Francisco.” So you can end every day dining at the well-known tacos located next to the Iris stationery store.


Eugenio Vargas concludes that a perfect day for him in the heart of Mexico consists of letting himself be captivated by the aromas, colors and the harmony of his people. Of course, all of this in the company of a special person, since “in San Miguel you fall in love, forget and fall in love again. That is the magic of the town.”


Quote: “San Miguel is that corner where harmony lives”