Life purpose of Saint Francis of Assisi

Life purpose of Saint Francis of Assisi

By Fernanda Noriega 


Those who are most observant may wonder why the shield of San Miguel de Allende has a symbol of the Franciscan order. Father Octavio Luna, who has the title of “Guardian” because he is responsible for the Liturgical complex, explains that San Miguel has a “Seraphic” character and roots because the city was founded by Franciscans. That is why the shield bears the symbol of the Order. The feast of Saint Francis of Assisi is celebrated on October 4; however, it is on Sunday, October 10, when the 50 and 25 years of Profession of the Secular Franciscan Order are commemorated.


The program begins prior to this date with a series of liturgical ceremonies. There are the Solemn Novena mass and Eucharist which go from September 25 to October 3, as well as a celebration of the Transit of San Francisco. On October 4, there is an alborada, mañanitas are sung, then the Eucharist and a celebration of professions take place. This is followed by the Eucharist on the second Sunday of October, which falls on the 10th this year. It is to commemorate the anniversary of the Franciscan Family, which consists of the Friars, the Clarisa Sisters, and the Secular members who all follow the life purpose of Saint Francis of Assisi.


Father Luna explains the importance of the Liturgical activity in the popular festival. He then tells us that regretfully, because of the health contingency this year, the popular festival will not take place. However, in the Franciscan spirit, he invites the parishioners to be part of the celebration and to not forget the roots on which the city is founded.


Quote: “It is worth taking a look at the extraordinary individual who was Saint Francis of Assisi”