By Carolina Alonzo


Are you looking for something different in San Miguel? Eustolia is a restaurant located just a few blocks from the Jardin Principal, making it an ideal place to spend the afternoon with your friends, family, or partner. But there is something quite unique about Eustolia; here conventional takes on a different turn and becomes something special.


This is the first restaurant in San Miguel de Allende that experiments with your five senses; making most of their dishes interactive. Imagine ordering one of the favorite dishes such as the pulpo a las brasas (grilled octopus) or one of the desserts like the merengue sixtino. Instead of having it come ready from the kitchen, the dish is prepared right before your eyes at your table. This is the unique experience provided for you here. However, if you prefer a more private setting, don’t worry, you can opt for the lounge (Smoke Room) where you can taste any of the Eustolia star drinks, such as the “Flor de Jamaica,” made with mezcal and hibiscus flower extract. You can accompany it with a delicious aguachile, the two creating an incredible experience for your palate


Another attractive feature of the restaurant is their “Secret Menu.” This entails a seven-course meal prepared by Chef Jesús Vázquez in the cellar, where you are totally unaware of the ingredients or type of food he will serve. What you do know is that everything is signature cuisine, and that what you will be tasting something unique and original. On the weekends there is either a DJ or live music to fully enjoy your time in San Miguel.


The restaurant follows all required health measures. They have limited seating capacity so it advance reservations are recommended. We urge you to try this incredible taste experience in the Heart of Mexico.



Correo 34, Centro

Mon-Sat, 1pm-1am

Sun, 10am-9pm (Brunch 10am-3pm)

Reservations: 415 152 0053