City Market has finally opened

City Market has finally opened

The site, located on Salida a Celaya, is on 2.1 hectares of land that some twelve years ago housed Motel La Siesta. The building is 9,125 square meters large and there are 274 parking spaces. The maximum vehicle height allowed is 10 meters, and the local government says that “the architectural theme was observed.”


When the permits were granted to construct? Mega—today La Comer—it opened in 2006. The building was built as a warehouse-like structure. The municipal government wanted the architecture to be modified, but almost nothing could be done because the permits had already been granted. Therefore, the two architectural structures that were built alongside the access doors were done according to the company’s plan. 


Following on the issues of Mega, rumors sprang up about the possible construction of a Walmart or a Costco. Citizens voiced their concerns about the “uncontrolled” growth of San Miguel and made inquiries, but nothing happened until the end of 2020, when permits were granted and construction started on City Market. It currently employs 260 people. 


The inauguration took place on August 17, and Governor of Guanajuato Diego Sinhue Rodríguez attended. He indicated that there is confidence in the state because its economy is already the sixth largest in the country. The governor stated that since 2018, 2.5 billion dollars have been invested, 50 percent of the total goal. “In times of the pandemic, new, productive investments are needed in our state, as well as the generation of jobs. We need these undertakings, as they promote the economic and commercial dynamic of San Miguel de Allende and create opportunities for families to live better.”


Vice President and General Director of Grupo La Comer Alejandro González Zabalegui announced that 750 million pesos were invested in City Market of San Miguel de Allende, and that it has 260 employees.