Dance! Flamenco Dance Theater

Dance! Flamenco Dance Theater

By Cecilia Govela

Monday, September six, a very special intensive workshop will begin, a comprehensive proposal that combines dance, theater, body language and art therapy.


This workshop is designed and accessible to anyone who wants to learn and enjoy the benefits of dance, regardless of level of knowledge, physical condition or age. All corporalities are welcome, a safe space will be provided everyone.


The primary intention is to focus on the quality and artistic-human skills that we will adopt as a natural language and also share with each other in love, support, affection, acceptance, respectful harmony and thus go forward.


Unite dignify, distinguish, train, laugh, love and purify stuck emotions to continue flowing in your life, will be some of the actions involved in this magical self-encounter and coexistence with others.


All through the Dance Theater with the inclusion and development of the language of flamenco dance: Sounds (zapateado), music, skirt movement, turns, arms, castanets, tambourines, canes, shawls … and foot boards, compass and many sacred skills of our blessed bodies, minds, human spirit and emotions we will feel incredible benefits and results for your health and total well-being.


The workshop will take place the first Monday of each month, at the San Ana Theater inside the Public Library and from Tuesday to Thursday at the Sautto Hotel, from 5-7pm. According to the development of individual and group skills, it will conclude with a live presentation.


If you are interested in trying these classes, contact 833 261 17 88 or


Cecilia Govela is a renowned dancer and teacher of Mexican dance, founder of the Dance Company Baila and specialized in Gestalt Psychotherapy Master with Héctor Salama Phenos. At the same time Cecilia continues to train her in Dance Theater constantly traveling to New York and Chicago studying with Frank Hatchet, Luigi Faccuito, Ann Reinking, Jo Jo Smith, Joe Tremaine, Gus Giordano, Lea Darwin, and Matt Mattox. In 2002 Cecilia began to work at the National Institute of Fine Arts in San Miguel de Allende as Director of the Dance Dance Theater Company. In this stage she creates herself, Butterflies also pray, From Weddings of Blood of War and Peace, and Swirls in the Rainbow. The latter was selected to participate in the International Cervantino Festival. Interested in the democratization of Art, Cecilia throughout her career has produced pieces that are presented in public spaces as well as productions for formal spaces.


Since 2010, she has received the support of the Tamaulipas Institute for Culture and the Arts to present her works in the Metropolitan Cultural Space.


She consequently she is invited by the UNESCO International Dance Council to give classes and lectures at the first World Dance Therapy Congress held in Athens Greece.


Today Cecilia continues to produce Dance Theater pieces and teach classes training artists with her unique method.