Art and food at Fábrica La Aurora

Art and food at Fábrica La Aurora

Lety Fernández, the president of the Red Cross, spends her days with a meeting here, another meeting there. These are either to support their humanitarian cause or to see a client. She and her husband Charly own La Buhardilla—Art and Antiquities—in building that was once a textile factory called La Aurora. In spite of being busy, Lety gave us some recommendations on how to spend a relaxed and perfect day in San Miguel. 

Her choice for breakfast, not only because it’s close to her work but because the food is tasty and the service is good, is at Café de la Aurora. You can have cereal or oatmeal, but you can also go for a more substantial meal with eggs made to order. “The juice is delicious, and so is everything you eat: the crepes, the chilaquiles, everything,” she says.


Once you are in La Aurora you can see the old machines that were used in the past, such as the one to spin. But you also have a chance to visit many spaces with art, and since you are here, she recommends La Buhardilla. If you wonder what the word means, well, the answer is simple. That’s what the old attics were called where decorations were regularly stored when new ones were acquired. Following that tradition, the space of La Buhardilla is filled with art and antiques.


And if the afternoon surprises someone, Grandpa and son will never be a bad decision to drink a Cav, or a beer; and eat hamburgers.


Also a moment of reflection before sleeping is necessary. Leticia adds, “I go to bed late at night, and I reflect on how much I liked my day because I did things that fill me up, make me feel good and I did something good. I put a grain of sand in this crazy world. I can get to sleep peacefully my 7 hours to be full of energy”.