María Sánchez and Saudade do Brasil

María Sánchez and Saudade do Brasil

By Amadeo Merlo


For the second time in recent months, La Biblioteca of San Miguel de Allende welcomes the presence of María Sánchez Lozano and her excellent band of musicians.


As she has shown us before, Sánchez brings us her refreshing, very personal version of the Latin American song—on this occasion, the music of Brazil. 


She describes the project herself below: 


“The Saudade do Brasil music program is a personal selection of songs, many of them the memories of an entire generation, when bossa nova burst onto the world music scene with its incredible beauty. Sergio Méndes, Elis Regina, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, are names that are still valid as the creators of a trend that continues to this day, with collaborations with artists such as Frank Sinatra and the Black Eyed Peas, among others.


“This feeling that in Brazil is called Saudade has no literal translation in other languages; it is the feeling similar to nostalgia that one has for one’s land, the people, the weather, and, of course, the music. The natural joy of the Brazilian people is well known, for example, in celebrating the five days of Carnival, and to work the rest of the year yearning to be part of the next celebration.


“The rhythms and cadence of this music transport us to a place of memory where time does not matter; many of us have heard La Chica de Ipanema imagining that scene on the Rio de Janeiro beach where the figure of a girl makes us dream, dancing to the rhythm of a samba that drives a crowd into a frenzy.


“In our repertoire, we include versions in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, songs by Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque, and Djavan, in a program that grows and changes since I am always looking for songs that enrich and expand this concert.


“I am always counting on the collaboration of talented musicians well versed in the music scene, since all of them have jazz as their main base in its different aspects. Sharing our project is always a challenge and a pleasure, making the songs our own and giving a concert that shows the musical richness of a country with which we share many similarities and affection, always looking for the connection with the audience, which in San Miguel, is multicultural and always receptive to our proposals. A space such as the Central Patio of the Biblioteca is perfect for holding events that enrich the cultural proposal and life of our community. We are waiting for you.”


This is a highly recommended show, not only for the selection of music they will present but also for the way they have made it their own. A delight to appreciate the deep and unique voice of Sánchez, as well as the expertise of the members of the band in the solos that they have so successfully incorporated into the interpretation of the repertoire that they usually show us. 


María Sánchez – voice 

Julián Arcos – guitar 

Patricio Méndez – piano 

Victor Monterrubio – percussion

Rubén Olvera – bass