Come Celebrate!

Come Celebrate!

By Sheridan Sansegundo


A celebration to mark the life, art, and friendships of Anado McLauchlin, who died on Easter Sunday, will be held on August 7, from 1-5pm, at Casa de las Ranas in La Cieneguita. Like Anado himself, it will be exuberant, wacky and colorful.


The afternoon will center around an exhibition by his artist triends, curated by Richard Schultz, Anado’s husband.


“Please come even if you did not know Anado” said Mr. Schultz, “This is a celebration, not a memorial so please dress festively.”


Those summoning up their inner Anado in homage to him are Bea Aaronson, Linda Bacon, Dirk Bakker, Carey Berkus, Kathleen Cammarata, Ann Chamberlin, Peter Cranton, Peter Davis, Gene Johnson, Linda Laino, Oscar Martinez Heredia, Joe Molinaro, Russell Monk, Gordon Morris, Hope Palmer, Dan Piraro, Carlos Ramirez Galvan, Myke Reilly, Sheridan Sansegundo, Zoe Siegel, Michael Sudheer, Edward Swift, Meryl Truitt, Bobbi Van, Diane Varney, Linda Whynman, and Holly Wilmeth.


Anado was born James Rayburn McLauchlin 3rd in Oklahoma. After serving in the Navy, he moved to New York City, where over the years he drove a taxi, worked as a powder monkey and at the Stage Deli. He also composed beat poetry and performed with Patti Smith and Lou Reed. Later, in California, he became a prize-winning landscape designer. His art and his exuberant love of color were influenced by years spent in India. Anado’s pieces are in art collections around the world including the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. 


As well as the art show there will be plenty of festivities as well as music, dancing, food and drink. Anado always loved putting on his openings and we will continue his tradition of joy and partying. Directions are available by going to Parking will be available. 


Please follow Covid precautions as directed by the city.