Natural, Is better

Natural, Is better

The tallest, prettiest, greenest mountains during the rainy season are the Picachos. Is it possible to see them from the base? Yes, via horseback rides, bicycle tours, or simply walks through the Vía Orgánica project.


The Via Orgánica ranch is on the highway to Jalpa, and the natural environment that surrounds it as you arrive is iconic. Entrance is 50 pesos. Once inside you can inquire about bicycle rentals, a guided walking tour, or a horseback tour. It is also possible to set out on your own. You can visit the sheep pen, the apiary, tour the developing agave fields, and even see how mead is extracted from the magueyes (agave plants).


If in the process of enjoying nature you get hungry, there is a restaurant whose food could not be fresher. You can see the cooks cutting the nopalito, or the aromatic plants in the garden, and even bringing eggs from the sheds. If you decide to come here, make sure you allow plenty of time; the day will “flow like water.” 


Another natural space to visit is El Chorro, the site of the foundation of San Miguel. You can take in the new, six-meter sculpture, the chair-hand of artist Pedro Friedeberg. And there is Parque Juárez, where you can walk along pathways and cross a bridge. You can listen to the music of the trees and the birds, and enjoy the entire natural area.


If you are in this area, you can enjoy drinks while savoring one of the most spectacular views of the city, at Luna Rooftop at the Rosewood. From there you can take photos of the city worthy of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social network you use.