If You Are Looking for Capon, this Is the Place

If You Are Looking for Capon, this Is the Place

Café MuRo, owned by Gerardo Arteaga and Carlos Muro, is located in the center of El Obraje, one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods of San Miguel. The building is inspired by contemporary Mexican architecture with large glass windows and natural light. The distinctive feature of the building is the terrace because it gives visitors a unique view of the city. Another plus is the old, forged steel aqueduct that, decades ago, supplied water to the machines of the then textile factory of La Aurora, which came from the Las Colonias dam.


“At the end of the day, at Café MuRo our cooking style reflects the ancient Mexican tradition of combining unique and fresh ingredients to produce unforgettable flavors,” say both Juan Carlos and Gerardo. They interact with visitors directly every day and many of the dishes they offer follow family recipes. Los Mojados, for example, are wheat flour rolls, dipped in black bean sauce, and stuffed with pork in pibil. The special touch is a topping of ranchero cheese and sour cream. They also have Doña Chela style pork—named in honor of Carlos’s mother. The dish consists of pieces of pork fried and cooked in guajillo chili sauce, accompanied by other secret ingredients, and beans from the pot. All of this contributes to giving the dish a flavor “to lick your fingers.”


This restaurant is the only one in San Miguel that serves Caldo de Zorra, also known as Capón. It is a traditional dish in Guanajuato, and it is simply hot soup with xoconostle as a base. Other ingredients are then added to the broth: potato, a variety of dried chilies, green tomato, and a topping of black beans from the pot. There are also the stuffed gorditas with pico de gallo, black beans, cooked nopales, and queso fresco, topped with a delicious chile sauce.


Carlos and Gerardo conclude “we humbly believe that Café MuRo is not [just] another restaurant in the rich culinary scene of San Miguel, it has become a refuge where our culinary traditions and cultural heritage have become a meeting place and enjoyment for the people from all over the world without distinction. We know that we like good food and we pride ourselves on being able to serve and enjoy it every day. We look forward to everyone with open arms and a smile to say with all our hearts. Enjoy your meal!”


Cerrada de San Gabriel 1, El Obraje.

Thu-Tue 9am-4pm

415 152 6341