El Antojo de Frida

El Antojo de Frida

At Antojo de Frida (Frida’s Craving) people are invited to enjoy a healthy and varied diet without losing the typical Mexican side from the cuisine. Here you’ll find chilaquiles, but also eggs prepared to your taste. There is also a light breakfast which is basically a fruit cocktail accompanied by a savory or sweet biscuit.


Salads may include meat or not. As far as cravings, you can choose from a baguette with meat, or a vegetarian one accompanied by rajas, corn, cream, spinach, and cheese. They also have a Club Sandwich on the menu.


Various drink options range from orange juice, coffee (frappuccino, latte, cappuccino and American) to flavored water of the day. If desserts are your thing, this is the place, and the variety is wide.


What distinguishes this restaurant are the many paintings alluding to Frida Kahlo. The decorations are in a vintage and rustic style, and the paintings are by Roxxana. It’s a place full of life thanks to the many plants and flowers within.


If you like a dish that is off the menu, you can order it a few days before so you can satisfy your craving. What they are hoping is that you enjoy your food, your dessert or your coffee with the best service and the best quality.


415 107 7575

Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm

Sun 9:30am-4pm

Canal 71, Centro