Do you like the harvesting of grapes?

Do you like the harvesting of grapes?

In 2021 wine festivals are back. In San Miguel, Viñedo Toyán and San José Lavista will celebrate the harvest with rituals, music, food, but above all wine.


The state program includes 10 vintages, and has been named Guanajuato Tierra de Vinos, (Guanajuato Land of Wines). Currently the state is fourth in the production of wine in Mexico, with a production is 700 thousand bottles. In total there are 43 vineyards, with 385 hectares harvested, 137 recognized labels, and 108 awards received, according to the Offices of Tourism.


The entire subject of wines has advanced in Guanajuato. There is now a museum dedicated to wine in Dolores Hidalgo; a Law for the Promotion of Wine Activity, approved by the State Congress; and there is also a Wine Council.


The harvests will take place at the Wine Museum and in the vineyards: Camino de Vinos, Toyán, Los Arcángeles, Bernat, San José La Vista, Octaágono, San Bernardino, Tierra de luz and Cuna de Tierra, located in the municipalities of Dolores Hidalgo CIN, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, San Felipe and León. The event “Meanwhile a Wine” will take place at Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario in Silao.


This year they expect to have around 4 thousand visitors and an economic benefit of 7 million pesos. The program can be found at: