In June, love triumphed between Sol Araiza and Beibi Palma

In June, love triumphed between Sol Araiza and Beibi Palma

Sol and Beibi are the first same-sex couple to marry in San Miguel. Their process to be able to get married began in 2019. Today, outside of the Civil Registry, they assure that it is a simple process, and that anyone who wants to can do it, even openly offering their support for those who have been denied this “right”.


In 2019, Araiza and Palma obtained an amparo to be able to get married. They chose the date, June 26, 2020. However, due to the contingency, everything was stopped. This June 28, International Day of Diversity, their signatures were recorded on their marriage certificate. Today-legally-they are already a homoparental family; they have two children, and getting married represents a protection not only for them, but also for their children.


The Process

After they had been in a relationship for a year (in 2019), they decided they had to get married. They knew that if they went to the Civil Registry they would be denied a license. “Rafa Cabrera invited us to a meeting with a collective from León. They supported us with a document to request the license, the judge denied us. So we went to the Judiciary, sued the Registry for the license denial, and then we got the injunction. It was easy. I have helped several people now, and the only thing we spent on was the per diem when we brought the lawsuit. It is not an expensive process. Then we covered the cost of the license at the registry, like any other couple that wants to get married.
“We know of several cases of homosexual couples who spent a lifetime together; but when one of them dies, the family always says they were friends. If there is a will, they always get protection, because the other person is unprotected because legally he or she does not represent anything. Today we share the house together, everything together”, that is why they considered marriage.


Araiza assured that the judge who granted the injunction told them that after there are five same-sex marriages registered in the city, then the sixth couple would no longer go to the injunction, but that their license would be issued as to any other contracting party.


Accompanied by family and friends, and among flags with the colors of sexual diversity, Araiza and Palma kissed each other, while Sol’s daughter interpreted Hallelujah.