Local Design Firm Recognized Internationally

Local Design Firm Recognized Internationally

By Tamara Cuevas Valdez


Veronica Cuevas Interiors receives the highest recognition of “The Prestige Guide to Mexico” awarded by the British company with great prestige worldwide.


The “Prestige Guide to Mexico” will be available to more than 500,000 subscribers nationwide in addition to our 250,000 subscribers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the UK, and Africa.


Each year, readers and contributors to “Corporate Livewire” and “LTG” publications are invited to submit companies, products, services, and individuals they feel are deserving of recognition. Each nominee is asked to submit supporting information for their chosen category and the judging panel ultimately chooses a winner in each area.


For the past 16 years the awards have been held on a national or international level. For 2021 we are starting to present regional awards to recognize smaller independent businesses that are highly successful at a local level. Launching this level of recognition, the annual 2021 publication will promote all those locally recognized along with news from Mexico and full details of this year’s winners.


The Director of “Corporate Live Wire” talks about the publication: “I can explain how it works: Basically, each year we invite subscribers to the platform and readers of books and magazines to submit companies, people, products, and services that they feel deserve recognition. The winners are chosen by our independent panel of selected industry experts and our editor-in-chief. We are reviewing submissions from companies, individuals, products and services across Mexico.”


During the nomination process we give companies and individuals the opportunity to specify the categories for which they wish to be considered. We also give all nominees the opportunity to submit additional information that may help them to be successful in the awards. This could include details about the company, new projects, positive media attention, or other recognition; or direct us to online testimonials and customer reviews, all of which can have a positive impact on decision making. 


Cuevas is an interior architect with a degree from The Netherlands having experience designing residential and commercial projects. The nature of her numerous residential projects to date has ranged from interior design-decoration to completion of new buildings. Integrity, high quality, and reliability are the hallmarks of her commercial and personalized services.


Veronica Cuevas Interiors is a specialized company located in San Miguel de Allende with extensive knowledge of materials, delivering high quality remodeling, renovation, and new construction projects. The company has always maintained and managed comprehensive records for the compilation of costs and payments related to the project budget and contract for each and every project.


Cuevas’s great advantage is that she, as an interior architect, can create, design, and decorate spaces, as well as carry out all aspects of construction work. She has the talent, experience, knowledge, as well as the project team to execute her ideas with quality and precision.