Perfect Day

Perfect Day

“Two New York friends are arriving in San Miguel tomorrow. They will stay for three days. I will put them in touch with you so you can tell them what to do and where to go.” This was the message I got from my friend Matt Martín. 


If it’s Sunday, you have to have the mimosas at Marsala “Cocina con Acentos” (Cooking with accents), on Hernández Macías. The menu is set: there are hot rolls (delicious), fruit, and a main dish of choice. These could be chilaquiles—spectacular and different because they are served with pork rinds; or it could be a choice of sandwiches, such as a hamburgers; or you could choose waffle; all aside from the mimosas included. This is an option to start the day after the previous night’s party. They are open for brunch from 11am-3pm for brunch. Next door to them is Casa No name and its terrace is perfect on a sunny day to follow up with a glass of wine. 


After this, if your idea is to get away from the city a bit and enjoy hot springs, there are many options. La Gruta is one of them, and Escondido Place another. Both change the water in the pools every day after closing, so the following morning they are clean. A unique feature in both of them is that they have artificial grottos, with powerful jets of water that can give a “massage” to whoever wants it. It is important to know that they start asking you to leave at 5pm.


When it comes to hiking and nature, we also have two options. The first is the Rancho Via Organica where their dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from their garden adjacent to the kitchen. They have greenhouses, pens with sheep and goats, pigs, chickens, and other animals fed with products without preservatives. Getting to Vía will take about 30 minutes by taxi, but the scenery, the journey, the food, and even the aguamiel—mead will be worth it. Charco del Ingenio is a nature preserve within the city. The canyon, the dam, the cacti, the trails, and the views are worth a visit and make sure to take photos for IG, or FB.


How about dinner? I would say that a top choice would be a molcajete at Los Milagros on e Relox Street. They have chicken, flank steak, shrimp, nopales, and cheese. And they are accompanied by beans, chips, salsa and tortillas. Do not forget to take your Omeprazole before eating with all that sauce!