Public spaces are open

Public spaces are open

The “normality” returns little by little. Public spaces have been closed since March 2020, but on June 16, 2021, the administration announced many re-openings. Centers of religious worship, hotels, restaurants, and sports venues are now opened at one hundred percent.


A statement issued on this day indicated that according to the Department of Health, there were zero Covid cases and only six under investigation. Because of this, business hours and capacity have been extended. 


Jardin Principal is now open, as well as the Civic Plaza and the miradors. Included in the decree are the common areas of subdivisions and condominium developments. This is left to the schedules established by the condominium owners, and their internal rules.


As far as hotels: they can operate at a hundred percent capacity once again. The same applies to restaurants and bars, as long as they all continue with health protocols and make their closing time between 11pm to 1am. After that time they must be vacated.


“Weddings, social events and conventions, in accordance with their capacity and certification by the Civil Protection department, may have a capacity of up to 200 people in closed spaces and 300 in open spaces, including attendees and staff. The establishments however, will have to be vacated and closed by 2am.


The callejoneadas are already authorized, but they cannot take more than 150 people; They will have extra routes and restrictions dictated by Civil Protection. Meanwhile, public spaces will open from 7am-8pm; Zeferino Park will have hours from 7am-9pm.


“Finally, the capacity allowed for centers of worship will be 100% of its capacity, as long as the healthy distance between people is respected and the suspension of activities in bars, canteens, casinos and nightclubs is repeated.”