Via Organica

Via Organica

For several years now, Vía Orgánica has been an educational space. They are located in Jalpa Valley, just before the peaks of the mountains. The inspiration for the space came from an attempt to create a “living book,” with the idea that we learn about nature by being in touch with it. In their space you touch, smell, and even taste nature’s bounty. The place is full of wonders and they have an excellent staff that functions almost like a big family.


When you arrive, you are greeted by the garden which is full of colors and fresh air. There is also the store where you can find natural and/or organic items—jams, honey, tomato sauce, cheeses, organic tea, artisan granola, coconut oil, coffee, fruits and vegetables from the garden, among others. There is also an open-air multi-event room, a party room and an overlook that offers the best panorama of the city. If you are looking for something outside the city, Vía Orgánica is a great place to visit. You can ask them to take you on a tour to see many of the areas, such as where they keep chickens, pigs, goats, and horses.


You can also visit their orchards. It is worth mentioning that they have great cuisine at their restaurant. I tried the burger, and knew right away why it’s considered the house special. It all starts with the meat that free range. They make their own with yeast that continues to ferment even when you eat it, it is delicious.


I accompanied this with a delicious, fresh-cured strawberry pulque, and I learned how to scrape the maguey to obtain the mead and taste it as fresh as possible. The menu at Vía Orgánica is super healthy and tasty. There are chiles filled with cheese, green or red pozole, menudo, beef broth, chicken with mole, and soups of the day. But you absolutely should try the flautas, another of their specialties.


Mon-Sun 8am-6pm

415 121 0540

Rancho Via Organica, Jalpa Valley