Garambullo Fonda Gourmet

Garambullo Fonda Gourmet

Garambullo started 5 years ago with only 3 tables, but thanks to the love and good taste in all their dishes, they have reached the success they have now. They serve Mexican food and have a different special daily depending on what the chefs feel like making. All food is quite healthy if you have protein and vegetables, and here is a place where you can enjoy a healthy meal. The menu lists many bowls that you can complement with quinoa, rice, and others.


There are also many different sandwiches. For different breakfasts you can have feature poached eggs presented in various ways; either on toast, as a base, or with vegetables or bread.”Karen’s favorite” consists of two poached eggs bathed in a Mexican sauce, served on bread with avocado, with a side of salad. Chilaquiles, either red or green, are among the most popular dishes. But that doesn’t take away from the huarache de Cecina, which has huarache, avocado, beans and beef jerky.


They also have gluten-free waffles and pancakes. Because they are continuously improving and improvising, they have just opened a separate section where they sell merchandise from local artisans and suppliers. In this section you can find wine, tequila, earrings, natural soaps and shampoos, ceramics and even illustrations by local artists. As for drinks, they are best known for their smoothies. The Green smoothie, for example, is made from matcha and green products. The Keto smoothie has peanut butter, cocoa and milk. And the Tropical smoothie is made from yellow fruits like mango and banana.


Thu-Mon 9am-4pm

Animas 46

415 152 3388