El Coyote Flaco

El Coyote Flaco

José Bernardo Luna Martínez has always been involved in the restaurant business. First helping his father, Don José Luna, and then taking charge of the family businesses. With his wife Alida Clares Flores, he decided to continue what he had learned from his family and they started their own food business. They began with small weekend parties at their home, with great friends, chefs and musicians.


It is the idea of ​​doing things with love that has made this restaurant successful. They have been around for 6 and a half years and have gained a special place in San Miguel and its surroundings. El Coyote Flaco offers delicious food, an impressive setting and excellent service. But they also want you to enjoy your food along with good music by renowned artists, and without cover. They bring in live music and create a truly warm atmosphere for their customers. José Bernardo is the chef who creates each of the recipes for the delicious food served here. He works with farm supplies and mesquite wood in the creation of his dishes like rib eye with marbling, pork chamorro with chipotle and cinnamon sauce, lasagna and wood-fired pizzas.


What makes El Coyote Flaco special, is the treatment and hospitality given to each of their guests. It’s a place that fully honors nature. They have a cellar which consists of a man-made 140 meter-long tunnel that is more than 200 years old, with a spectacular entrance. This is where they store their wines because it has the perfect temperature and humidity for their preservation. Something quite unique in this cellar, is that at the very bottom there is a sheltered mammoth fossil. The skeleton is more than 100,000 years old and consists of molars, a femur, part of the hip, and part of the skull.


You can find the restaurant through their social networks. On Facebook you find them as El Coyote Flaco Restaurante and on Instagram as elcoyoteflaco


Tue-Thu 12-8pm

Fri and Sun 10am-8pm

Road to the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, Kilometer 2

415 139 7653