Sabor y Vida: Hungry quil

Sabor y Vida: Hungry quil

Hungry-quil was born thanks to a wish and a novel idea–move out of the comfort zone. On his path to do things of his own to be able to put more love, more affection and that they come out better. Hungry-quil comes to introduce you to some new, innovative and delicious customizable chilaquiles. You can choose sauce between; red, green, Swiss and chipotle.


The simple chilaquiles include sauce plus topping (onion, cilantro, cream and cheese) and you can add protein (chicken, milanesa, chorizo and jerky). But if you need more, you can ask for extra protein, fried egg, avocado, sauce and / or cheese. The plan is to make it as homemade as possible so that when you try them they are like the ones you eat at home and become your favorites. You can find them on instagram and facebook like Hungry-quil.


Place your orders from Monday to Saturday from 9am- 3pm. Soon you will be able to find them in a place to visit them. While you can call 415 125 9713 so that you can get them to the door of your house with a free home delivery service. You cannot miss the best chilaquiles in the city.


Mon-Sat, 9am-3pm

Home service

415 125 9713