Municipal Presidency News

Municipal Presidency News

Investment for rural and urban areas

After a meeting between state and local authorities, the city government announced that joint public works, with a value of over 50 million pesos, will take place this year in La Lejona, San Rafael, La Luz, Ignacio Ramírez, Allende, Malanquín, Puerto de Nieto, Las Cañas, Cruz del Palmar, and Corral de Piedras. The works are the construction of roads, streets, and public squares.


A program targeting child and youth exploitation

The Municipal System for the Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents (SIPINNA) published materials detailing procedures for undertaking due process if a case of child trafficking or exploitation is registered in the municipality. The program and material presented to the SIPINNA committee will be delivered to all providers of tourist services that work in the municipality so that they have the necessary protocol, should they encounter possible situations of child trafficking or exploitation. In the next few days the Executive Secretary of SIPINNA will meet with the Tourist Culture and the Tourist Council’s Events Support coordinators to organize training with the representatives of the city’s tourist services.


Oxygen tank filling

The “Breathe for Life”‘ program, which began Jan. 27, consists of delivering oxygen to San Miguel residents suffering from COVID-19. Each patient can receive up to 9,500 liters of oxygen. Deliveries fall under the purvey of Civil Protection. Its director, Josafat Enríquez, explained, “The municipal government acquired nine full oxygen tanks . They can be exchanged for empty tanks, and we are able to always have the large tanks in supply for the benefit of San Miguel’s population.”

The requirements for getting a tank filled are the following:

  • Have a Type E (680 liters) or Type T (9900) cylinder with a valid Hydrostatic Test (PH).
  • Have a prescription.
  • Fill out an application and sign a form to ensure the proper use of oxygen is understood. (Both are provided at the Civil Protection offices in the administrative building.)
  • Present an official identification.
  • Provide proof of address.


Verified applicants must first deliver their cylinder to the Civil Protection offices Sun. to Fri., 9-11am and Sat. 8:30-10:30am. Civil Protection delivers the tanks from 5-6pm daily.