Chikatana: The Best Ramen in the City

Chikatana: The Best Ramen in the City

Chikatana has decided to expand its menu to include different oriental flavors. They have a taste of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai dishes. You can now sample traditional dishes from the Far East as you spend a pleasant time in a market-like atmosphere. The chef here is Satoru Takeda and he is responsible for bringing you the varied oriental flavors of the restaurant. He is a master ramen chef and that is why the restaurant can claim to have the best ramen noodles in the city. Pho, for instance, is a Vietnamese soup that is incredibly delicious. On Tuesdays you can find a promotional ramen at 250 pesos and on Thursdays, they have pho for the same price. To follow what is being offered you should go to their social media pages because they offer different promotions all the time. 


With their new menu, Chikatana has added some 25 dishes such as Japanese curry with either pork or fried chicken. Another addition is the bulgogi which is a Korean barbeque. The karaage is chicken prepared in a Japanese style flavored with ketchup. One of the favorite dishes is the tonkotsu ramen with a broth base made of bones cooked for over 48 hours and is served with pork, kikurage mushroom, soy sauce, egg, ginger, sesame, and a touch of garlic-flavored oil. There is nothing better to accompany an oriental meal than an Asian beer. But that is not the only thing available; they also have specialized Asian drinks such as lemonade with coconut. On Sundays they will soon have another ramen dish; this one with seafood—blue crab, shrimp, Pacific geoduck, and mussels. This will include kamikaze potatoes and clamato juice. Chikatana offers home delivery through their social media as well as through Ubereats. You can call them at 415 100 1286 or find them on Facebook.


Sun./Mon. 1:30-8 pm

Tue./Thur. 1:30-9 pm

Fri./Sat. 1:30-10 pm