La Colmena Bakery to Receive Honorary Plaque

La Colmena Bakery to Receive Honorary Plaque

The municipal government of San Miguel de Allende approved a motion to recognize La Colmena Bakery with a plaque for its 120 years of service to the San Miguel community. 


“La Colmena represents 120 years of history and tradition in San Miguel de Allende,” said Mayor Villareal.


The plaque will be placed on the facade of the business in the month of January and will contain the inscription: “The Honorable City Council 2018-2021 of San Miguel de Allende, Gto., recognizes PANADERÍA LA COLMENA for 120 years of contributing to the construction of San Miguel’s cultural and historical heritage, and its traditional economy.”


La Colmena Bakery is the oldest of its kind in San Miguel de Allende. Located on calle de Relox, number 21—previously number 13—the bakery was inaugurated in 1901, and according to data from the municipal government, it is one of the 100 remaining traditional businesses in Mexico and one of the two oldest in the state of Guanajuato.


“It seems fair to me to recognize and to be able to offer this plaque as a tribute, as a recognition highlighting the memory and example of La Colmena Bakery.” said Mayor Villareal at the city council meeting in which his proposal was unanimously approved. 


Source: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende