New Beginnings by Mildred Veitia

New Beginnings by Mildred Veitia

The Venezuelan artist Mildred Veitia donated the painting “New Beginnings” for the Public Library of San Miguel de Allende; the work is exhibited inside the library on one side of the stairs.

“New Beginnings” is a work that describes the way in which Veitia perceived the current global pandemic, illustrated through sculptures, appropriations, and sets of objects, with a narrative in English and Spanish explaining the elements used in the work and their meaning.

In an interview with Atención San Miguel Veitia spoke about her piece, “This work (New Beginnings) started in the middle of the pandemic, it is a manifestation and interpretation of how I consider this event to be (the pandemic).”

Regarding the pandemic, Veitia considers that it has been a “positive” experience: “It arrived from one day to the next; nobody was prepared but I think that, despite all negative connotations, it has been positive for humanity in the sense of each person turning toward their interior self.”

Mildred Veitia graduated from the Central University of Venezuela with a law degree and practiced as a juvenile attorney and notary public for the Ministry of Justice in Venezuela; however, her passion for art led her to leave her position and study art with the sculptor Cándido Milan.

Veitia ventured into different disciplines of art but the artist claims to have an outstanding relationship with sculpture, and with influences from the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, Veitia makes sculptures that evoke the human body.

“I think sculpture has something that grabs you because of its three dimensionaity; creating in three dimensions empowers you so much,” Veitia said about her affinity with sculpture, “through the anatomy of the body I try to connect with the viewer and obtain an emotional reaction.”

During her time in Mexico Mildred Veitia learned different sculpture techniques and she highlights: “Mexico has very good [artwork]. It has beautiful artisanal objects and there is a fenomenal background of information.” Veitia made pieces that are exhibited in the Calderoni Gallery located in the La Aurora factory.

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