More Masks, Fewer Infections

More Masks, Fewer Infections

Hundreds of masks were delivered to various organizations with the intention of reaching more people, and for people to use them at home or have them on hand when they are carrying out activities that warrant protection against the pandemic.

The various designs are the product of an alliance between Tequila Casa Dragones, Interprotección, and the Mexican fashion and textile brand Carla Fernández. The mask designs are cutting-edge and preserve the textile heritage of the country’s native communities. They were delivered to the San Miguel Red Cross, the Patronato Pro Niños Board, and the San Miguel Public Library, through Amigos al Cien.

Adrián Evans of Casa Dragones commented, “We wanted to make these facemasks to lend a hand and send a hug. The people of San Miguel also make up the Casa Dragones family.” 

Leticia Fernández, president of the Red Cross SMA, explained, “They are mainly for our institution’s volunteers, and for children. We will take surpluses to the general population, including rural communities in areas of highly concentrated populations. We want the mask to be an essential accessory for day-to-day use, and for everyone to have one.”

Myrna Montes, from Amigos al Cien, commented, “We have noticed that people in the community are not in the habit of using them. They wear them when they come to town or are required [to use them]. They don’t use them [at home]. Together with food donations, we deliver the [facemasks], and explain the importance [of their use] and why it is a public health issue; the mask must be a habit. Together with other organizations, we have delivered up to 19,000 masks.”

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