New Artwork and Holiday Gifts at Calderoni Gallery

New Artwork and Holiday Gifts at Calderoni Gallery

By Jade Arroyo

Galería Calderoni, located within the iconic design center Fabrica La Aurora, is featuring new artwork by three women artists along with smaller paintings and prints, designer jewelry, scarfs, and décor items that would make perfect Christmas gifts. 

Some pieces that strike you when you walk in are the kinetic sculptures by Mildred Veitia. About her winged, almost angelic beings she says, “My work, completely figurative, is the translation of the truth in a tridimensional concept, body volume, and relief joined into a new aesthetic that shows the beauty of the human form on its universal character.” The strength and body dynamics are the main characteristics of her aesthetics, timeless pieces that play together with the human anatomy as a medium to connect with the emotional truth.

Veitia has shown her work in Caracas, Bogotá, New York, Miami, Illinois, and Dubai. She also has worked in reinterpretation projects of world heritage pieces of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the execution of public monuments in El Hatillo district in Caracas, Venezuela.

Gabriela Epstein’s vibrant paintings focus the gaze in the joy of color, shape, and physicality, a playful use of shapes and organic expression. Born in Mexico City in 1964, her artistic expression is the product of a vast academic training, 23 years of teaching painting, and a long self-taught career that uses her own life as a source of inspiration. Her work has gone through different stages corresponding to a moment in her personal history, which throughout her 28-year artistic career has culminated in the energetic and abstract construction of her most current pieces, demonstrating her versatility as a painter. The transition from the figurative to the geometric, with its characteristic dynamic confrontation between figure and color, has been the result of a profound evolution in her method that reflects an inward turning, a personal search. The pictorial language that she proposes to us is thus a narrative of life, which is felt in every stroke, every texture, and every shape.

The works of Denise Mcfarland, the third artist, show an explosion of color and expression. She spent the past 20 years as a business woman on three different continents. When she decided to change the course of her life, she went full-on with what had been her escape until then: art. Through ceramic and painting, she expresses herself and her look on life. She’s currently at Galería Calderoni and resides in town. Come visit us, meet the artists and learn about their work!Calderoni Gallery is open Tuesday thru Sunday 11am–5pm. Along with the featured artists you’ll find Merry Calderoni’s own work, her line of scarfs featuring her art printed on silk, 20th century vintage prehispanic reproduction sculptures and the silver jewelry line, Lunática.