The Giving Pledge Brings Benefits to the Community

The Giving Pledge Brings Benefits to the Community

Just four months after the founding of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Colonial Homes San Miguel, and in the middle of pandemic times, Alma Ramírez and Greg Gunter, donated last week US$2,000 to La Biblioteca for its scholarship program.


If someone knows about the importance of having opportunities to learn to read, write, and access higher levels of education, it is Greg Gunter, the first—and only— member of his family to have two college degrees; hence the scholarship program label.


“I am a novelist, a writer. Reading and writing is a skill for children to learn. There was no doubt when we delivered the donation, that it would go to the scholarship program. There are children, young people, who in their communities (or in their families) are the first to have access to education. No one in my family has a college degree. I am the only one, I have two careers. I relate to it, and we understand the lack of opportunities,” Gunter said to Atención after delivering the check.


He added that in 2010, “Buffet, and billionaire Bill Gates founded The Giving Pledge, motivating colleagues to donate a substantial portion of their fortune to philanthropic causes.” In 2020, Buffet alone has donated US$2.9 billion in assets to Berkshire Hathaway, as part of The Giving Pledge. “Our donation is a little smaller,” he said with a laugh, “but we want to set an example.”


And there are many people who decide to deliver a check without anybody knowing, but with this act what Cecilia and Greg want is for more companies to join humanitarian causes “One leads by example, and Warren Buffet is a good model to follow. We follow it. The more people know about it, the more people will do the same. Businesses must give something back to the community.”


Ramírez, founder of Colonial Real Estate in 1995, and now Gunter’s partner at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices said, “We are very excited to contribute a little bit of what we have achieved, of our work. We are here to support the community.”


Ramírez and Gunter delivered a total of US$10,000 divided into five organizations: Casita Linda, Pro Música, Patronato Pro Niños, San Miguel Community Foundation, and La Biblioteca.