Weekly Horoscopes Dec. 6

Weekly Horoscopes Dec. 6

BY GEORGIA NICOLS December 6, 2020


All Signs: For the last 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have lined up in Earth signs; which describes society’s values for the last two centuries. Wealth is about real estate, acquisition, buildings, land and manufacturing. This “Earth” world has a top-down rulership and a few hold the resources of many. In our lifetime, this is all we’ve ever known. “The one with the most toys wins.” Now we’re starting to see things aren’t working. This is because we’re at the cusp of a new 200-year cycle, which will be AIR, which is egalitarian. This will not be a top-down leadership. Air is about universal rights. Shared education, Medicare and a universal income. There will be greater use of technology, air waves, and society will interact via virtual realities like holograms. Looks like we’re moving into a Star Trek world! Resistance is futile. Set phasers to stun.   


Aries (March 21-April 19)  

This might be a frustrating time for you because the planets indicate that you would love to travel. Oh yeah, you need a change of scenery! You feel frustrated to be trapped in a rut or routine. You want to get out and do something different, and you want to learn something new! Well, it’s possible to learn something new, which is probably your best option to expand your world. Explore new ideas! Meanwhile, this week, you can benefit from the wealth of your partner or the resources of others, which means doors will open for you if you need a loan or a mortgage. Some of you might inherit. This a favourable week to ask for anything that you want because you just might get it!


Taurus (April 20-May 20) 

Your strong emphasis on banking, mortgages, loans, insurance issues and shared property continues to be your main focus. As the financial wizard of the zodiac, you will definitely be on top of your game. You will see ways to position yourself favourably when dealing with others about financial matters. In fact, with Venus opposite your sign this week, all your dealings with partners and close friends will be excellent. Beware a tendency to idealize or expect the best in others, when it comes to financial negotiations. Obviously, one does expect honest dealings. Nevertheless, be aware of the potential for something that is unrealistic, which is based on either deceit or poor judgment. Hmmm.


Gemini (May 21-June 20) 

The Sun is still opposite your sign, which means you need more sleep than usual. This also means your focus on partners and close friends is particularly useful because you more objectivity to see how you deal with others. (The mirror never lies.) You might kid yourself a bit dealing with bosses and parents; or perhaps you see them in such positive terms you cannot see them for who they really are? Interaction with friends and groups will be particularly vigourous, even competitive, this week. Whatever your involvement – you intend to win! Your relations with others at work are excellent right now. This is a good time to discuss agreements. Even your health feels particularly vigourous and solid. “Hit the floor! Give me fifty!”


Cancer (June 21-July 22) 

This week you are still keen on getting better organized and figuring how to work smart so that you are efficient and productive in everything you do. (You’re on a serious kick.) This determination to work hard is a wise choice to deal with the willy-nilly confusion of this year. An efficient work routine is reassuring and comforting. (“It’s something!”) On the upside, Venus is travelling through one of the most fun parts of your chart, which means it will attract amusing diversions, romance and fun with children into your world. This is a lovely time to express yourself through any kind of creative activity. Enjoy your world!


Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) 

This week, the Sun is in one of the most playful parts of your chart, which makes you want to enjoy vacations, explore romance, the arts and all kinds of exciting diversions. But the odds are you’re in lockdown. Nevertheless, it will be a rewarding experience for you to express your creativity through any kind of hobby, musical talent, drawing, painting – whatever. You will find this to be fun and rewarding! You will also find it gratifying to stay in touch with your kids by Zoom (if they’re not at home) because you have a greater concern for them now. It’s important to identify a way for you to enjoy yourself because in your chart, the Sun is travelling through “your home.” “Lucy, you got some splainin to do!”


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) 

Home and family continue to be your main focus. In fact, you are more invigorated than usual to get things done where you live. You also are relaxing and seeking refuge in your own solitude, while at the same time, conversations with parents and family members are important. (They might be vigourous and lively!) Because you’re thinking a lot about your past, this is a good time to talk to a counsellor or a friend to sort things out. Have you noticed how much you appreciate your daily surroundings? And how much others care for you? Incidentally, many of you can make money from your words right now. 


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) 

You have a busy To Do schedule full of errands, appointments, possible short trips as well as increased reading, studying and writing. This week you’re keen to communicate to others more than normal, which is not unusual for you because you’re the most social sign in the zodiac. You need to interact with others! This is a good week to reach out and let others know what you think. You can do this by mail, by phone or by Zoom. You have the ability to attract money to you this week. In turn, you will likely shop for beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Your ongoing efforts to improve where you live continue, and this pleases you. 


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) 

You have a fine, penetrating mind and this week, your thoughts are on money and your values. You want to know where you’re headed and how to handle what you already have, which is practical and realistic. Meanwhile, something that you own might please you and you want to show it off. Possibly, you will have to defend your values this week, which is something you’re always ready to do. (Fear not, with Venus in your sign, you’ll be diplomatic and charming.) Incidentally, this is another excellent week to buy wardrobe goodies. Isn’t it frustrating when you have great fashions sense but no money to prove it?


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) 

Ah ha! Another powerful week because the Sun is in your sign, which makes you energetic, proactive and competitive! (Keep this in mind if you are in a partnership because you don’t want to be too pushy. You can be right or you can be in the relationship.) This is also why working with others might be a tad challenging but hey – this only happens you once a year for four weeks. Obviously, you have a great need to express yourself! And it’s a valid need! Secret love affairs might be happening for some of you. You might also be called upon to take care of a loved one. You will demonstrate grace under pressure.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) 

You’re still in limbo because your year is ending but your new year has not yet begun. Nevertheless, it’s a good week to plan for what you want in your year ahead. (You like to meet your future in a prepared way.) You know that goals will make future decision-making easier – no question. Plus, they give you better control over your future and a clearer focus on what is important. This is a good week to enjoy the company of others by Zoom or in any way that you can because you feel very loving and affectionate to friends and eager for some involvement with groups. What good can you do today?


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) 

A stimulating, friendly week! Enjoy interacting with friends and groups. Friendships are important to you and this week they are especially important. Examine your friendships to see how well they fulfil your needs – or not. Are these your people? Is your life enriched by knowing them? Do they inspire and encourage you or do they bring you down? With only 24 hours in a day, you can’t afford to spend time with emotional vampires. Life is too short and too precious! Meanwhile, this is the perfect time to impress bosses, teachers and parents. (Actually, you make such an excellent impression, a romance with someone in power might begin.)


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) 

This is another week where you look fantastic in the eyes of bosses, parents and teachers, which means it’s the perfect time you to make your pitch and advance your agenda. After all, timing is everything. (Take advantage of this blessing, which lasts for only one month each year.) Ask for that raise. Ask for that promotion. Ask for what you want! However, check the Moon Alert in my daily column before doing so. Quite likely, you cannot travel, which is what you would love to do; however, you might be attracted to someone new who is strange or different from you. An exotic appeal! Perhaps a little excitement?