What Are Students Doing During the Pandemic?

What Are Students Doing During the Pandemic?

Sanitary Jurisdiction II and the Municipal Government have stated that those most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection and spreading the virus to the elderly at home are workers, housewives, and especially students. Director of the Jurisdiction Jorge Vidargas said that students attend clandestine parties, or because they are bored at home, they go out without purpose. Atención interviewed several high school students (15-17-year-olds) about how they have been distracting themselves during the pandemic and what health measures they observe at home to prevent COVID infections. The responses were mixed. 


Viridiana González: I go out if I have to, but only to buy things, or to escape the routine. I don’t go to parties. When we leave the house we wear masks, we use antibacterial gel, and we practice safe distancing. To distract myself I watch television series or play board games. I live in Colonia San Rafael. 


Karla Robles: After my virtual classes I leave the house to work at our stall in the market or go out with my friends. In the street I use gel and a face mask. When we return to the house we disinfect ourselves from head to toe with Lysol. I live by the railway station. 


Carlos Hernández: I don’t go out, and believe we must be responsible, not for our sake, but for the sake of others, even if it sounds cliché. Those of us who are locked up want the contingency to end. We try to help, but there are those who don’t care and are still on the street. We go out only for essential activities. In the house we disinfect everything—packages, food—the best we can. We use gel every time we touch something on the street, and we always use face masks. To distract myself, I take courses online related to different topics, and write songs. 


Diana Ramírez: I do go outside—unnecessarily—because I can’t stand being in the house all the time. I need distraction. After being outside, when I get home I use antibacterial gel, or if we have visitors. We wash our hands before and after eating. I see family members, go to restaurants, or hang out with friends. 


Abraham Díaz: Since the quarantine began, my family and I have not left the house; we must be responsible. Outings are only for essential items, like shopping for food. When we get home we disinfect everything we buy. To distract myself, I exercise at home, play basketball in my yard, play video games, watch videos, and do schoolwork and homework. 


José Espinosa: I try not to go out unless it is necessary. In my house we are very strict to prevent infection. Each person who comes into my house has to disinfect with gel, wash their hands, and they cannot hug or kiss. I like to help a little around the house. I also read and watch videos or television after my classes. 


Laura Gutiérrez: I have gone to parties during the contingency but very few times and with small groups. I think we need to go out, even to the park or to the corner, to de-stress or see the sun, the sky, etc. To prevent infection at home, before entering we have to disinfect with gel, and at the entrance there is a sanitizing mat. Depending on the number of people, if they do not live in the house, they must wear a mask. I also go out to the neighborhood park and talk with friends and classmates through social networks. I live in Colonia Bella Vista. 


Paola Chávez: I don’t go to parties during this contingency, but from time to time I go out to visit my relatives, trying to follow the health protocols. Every Sunday I go to mass, following all the distancing protocols that are marked inside the church. Other than that, I don’t go out at all. Whenever we go out we wear masks, carry gel, and keep a safe distance from people, especially if they do not wear a mask. We also do not shake hands or kiss. At home I watch TV, play board games, sometimes I read, do school work, and from time to time I go out to open spaces to relax/exercise, because where I live, in Jardines II, there are not many people.