Café Monet

Café Monet

This long-standing café and restaurant has recently changed administration. With that came a change in the menu with new recipes more focused on Northern culture with Spanish roots. Some of the new appetizers are tortilla and choripan—a chorizo sandwich. It will continue to be, as in the past, a combination art gallery and restaurant. All the works exhibited are by local and foreign artists and are available for purchase. Café Monet is known for their breakfasts; particularly the bread which they make themselves, as well as the delicious European-style sweets that go so well with coffee. The atmosphere is comfortable and not pretentious in the least, and the best part is that the prices are competitive without less quality in the meals served. One could call Monet a breakfast bistro. 

You should try their casserole eggs, which consists of a bread roll with ham, grated cheese, a couple of fried eggs, sauce and bacon. Ball bread is a rustic bread with rosemary and mozzarella cheese, or another version with onion and garlic. The eggs Benedict are considered the best in the area and are truly a substantial breakfast meal. The house special are the enchiladas that have been made with the same recipe for years. If you are looking for meat, try their tasty cecina from Yecapixtla. They also feature different cuts, such as flank steak or fillet. 

When it comes to coffee, theirs is made from a special blend, 50% French and 50% medium roast, it’s quite perfect and especially good with some of their breads. The flavored mimosas are unique as they are prepared with different fruit juices like orange, passion fruit, lemon, and others. They have a bloody mary that comes in three different versions. But if you prefer wine, you will be happy to know that you can order either a glass or a full bottle. 

Mon.-Sun., 8am-6pm

Zacateros 83, Centro