Ying Yang Burguers

Ying Yang Burguers

Ying Yang is a mix of food prepared by chef Nayeli Espinosa, and an environment created by designer Gerardo Cadena, who together have made a space where you can find some of the best gourmet hamburgers. This is a small business that emerged during the pandemic with the purpose and mission of using local commerce to provide great product quality and prices. One of their main intentions is to provide excellent service to their clients and to make sure that the products they advertise come to the table as advertised. There is great care in that they do not disappoint their clients and it’s because of this that they focus on not only the preparation of their food but also in its presentation and all the relevant details. It is through their attention to detail that the hamburgers are some of the best, providing a unique experience to consumers. The burgers are made with Chef Nayeli’s unique personal recipes. Additionally, they are certified to provide service in accordance to the Covid hygienic standards, so don’t worry, everything is super hygienic. 


Their current menu features five different hamburgers: the classic, Hawaiian, cheese, vegetarian, and a customer favorite: hamburger al pastor. They are currently redesigning their menu which will also include gourmet hot dogs, bratwurst, and desserts. You can find them on social networks as Yin Yang Burgers. It’s worth mentioning that part of their earnings are donated to animal shelters for the care of abandoned pets.


415 152 1697

Fri.-Sun. 7pm-11pm

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