Flavor and Life: Tostévere

Flavor and Life: Tostévere

Tostévere is a mix of two words: “tostada” and “chévere” (slang for cool), but it is also an idea—to create a space where people can feel at ease while enjoying great service and exquisite food. The space is not at all pretentious, which means you can eat a first-class meal in a casual atmosphere. At Tostévere, you can feel relaxed and experience something new. The unique cuisine is inspired by many journeys, different chefs, many ideas, and many people. Thanks to all this, there is a great variety of recipes with an emphasis on healthy food. The menu features seafood from both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and includes dishes like Thai soup, Moroccan soup, short rib flatbread, grilled octopus tostada, Greek recipes like babaganoush and tabule, grilled zucchini, softshell crab wraps, and their own delicious nan bread made with yogurt. 


Their fried yams are a healthy alternative to traditional French fries. Tostévere also has its own mixology and prepares all kinds of drinks, including fresh water with flavors like cucumber, passion fruit, lemon, and coconut. If you don’t see your favorite drink on the menu, just ask, and they will prepare it. 


There are only 11 tables, and with a location just three blocks from the Jardin Principal, Tostévere has developed a strong local and expat clientele. You can follow them on Instagram as @tostéveresma and on Facebook at Tostévere.


Mon, Wed, Thu 1-9pm

Fri and Sat 2-10pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Codo 4, Centro