Letter To The Editor: Legal Services

Letter To The Editor: Legal Services

Dear Editor:


As we come to the end of the third quarter of our fiscal year at Inmtec Legal Services in both San Miguel de Allende and CDMX, it is time for us to start evaluating our coming year’s pro bono cases.


Every year for the past 17 years we have followed a policy which I instituted out of a sense of responsibility and gratitude, a pro bono policy which equates to each and every attorney that works on the Inmtec Legal Service Team handling four free cases annually.


Over the years we have provided free legal services to more than 3,000 people of those most in need of help, expanding beyond our nonprofit organization partners and reaching directly into the communities and hand picking the most pressing cases in and around CDMX.


Since recently opening offices in San Miguel de Allende, we have been involved in a number of pro bono cases and now I open the invitation to you. If you know someone that needs legal help and cannot afford to be apprised of their rights or to hire an attorney to represent them, please share this invitation with them. 


I personally evaluate each pro bono case and choose the cases for my staff based on compassion and sense of responsibility to community and obviously give priority to family situations or people in high-risk environments. 


The law should be meted out equally, justly, and be available to all.


Thank you all for your support which helps to propagate our pro bono program.


Best wishes and kind regards,

Ángel Marín Díaz