Tres Raices Winery

Tres Raices Winery

Tres Raíces is a Mexican winery located between Dolores Hidalgo and San MIguel de Allende. The construction of the complex began around five years ago with more than 20 hectares of plantation. At that time, they began producing wine made with their own grapes grown in other states. Alejandra Cordero, the wine expert at Tres Raíces, is originally from Parral, Chihuahua. Alejandra is a biochemical engineer who took courses in enology, such as “Introduction to Wine and Winemaking” at UC Davis, and “Technical Training for Mexicans in the Wine Sector” in Chile. She loves Mexican wine and has worked since 2011 as a manager of renowned vineyards in the country. She creates her own wines and is also the person in charge of cultivation methods and techniques in their vineyards.


Tres Raíces has a restaurant called Terruño (native land), honoring the place where the vines are planted. The chef, Omar Naet, prepares a rich country cuisine. His philosophy is to support the local economy and, in keeping with that, he uses all local products. The most representative dish is their chamorro con hongos, which is a pork shank marinated in a wild mushroom sauce. They also have wood-fired pizzas made with sourdough. The house special is a pizza made with spinach and prosciutto. Other dishes that diners enjoy are the grilled octopus with lentils, pork belly tacos, and pork chops. There are also classic deli meats. Obviously, their strength lies in their wines which have already won gold medals and awards. I tried the Syrah and it was delicious. You can also find Sauvignon Blanc, Ensamble (80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah), Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.


Tres Raíces has just opened their boutique hotel which has 12 suites. It’s located in the middle of the vineyard and offers a spectacular view, particularly early in the morning.


Sat and Sun: 1-9pm

Thu, Fri: 1-7pm

Mon, Wed: 1-5pm

Carretera San Miguel de Allende a Dolores Hidalgo, km 73

415 113 5250