They play cops and capture the criminal

They play cops and capture the criminal

This time history did not repeat itself. In the Don Diego Ejido, where rapists and thieves have lived, on August 19, a criminal did not get away with it.

At approximately 5pm an alleged rapist tried to sexually abuse Jessica. But when she cried out for help, neighbors responded to her call.

They detained Simón, tied him up, and then handed him over to the municipal police. He was wanted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Celaya, after having served a sentence for homicide and for sexual abuse of his own mother.

“The alleged perpetrator forcibly entered the victim’s home and tried to rape the woman by threatening her with a knife. After subduing the aggressor, the neighbors asked for support from the municipal police. His records showed that he had served a sentence for murder and rape, but a warrant for his arrest had been issued because he had again abused a woman after serving the previous sentence,” said SMA police.

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