Educating Ourselves

Educating Ourselves is a site providing free online courses from 140 worldwide leading institutions of learning. It offers a great variety of courses from accounting, languages, science, marketing, engineering, and humanities. Here are some of the offerings.


Fundamentals of Statistics: This course will provide an understanding of statistical inference, estimation, hypothesis testing, and prediction. It’s part of the MIT MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data.


Probability: Part of the MathTrackX Series program, the course is designed to provide a solid foundation in mathematical fundamentals and how they can be applied in the real world. It introduces probability and how it manifests in the world around us. Beginning with discrete random variables, you will begin to uncover the framework of statistical inference. These skills will provide you with the tools to apply mathematics to solve real world problems. 


Mechatronic Revolution: Fundamentals and Basic Concepts: Never has it been easier to build robotic devices and computer-controlled machines. The course will explore the mechatronics design process, fundamentals of microcontrollers, embedded systems programming, actuator control, and sensor interfacing. Students will work with several hands-on labs to solidify their knowledge and gain real-world experience building their own mechatronic systems. Those who simply wish to audit the course, may do so as well without great expense.