Preparing for Caring for Someone at Home with COVID-19

Preparing for Caring for Someone at Home with COVID-19



San Miguel’s Covid-19 epidemic has had a very slow start — a huge credit to the efforts of our whole community! At this point, however, we have entered a growth phase.


The main message here is that this is NOT the time to relax your precautions. Be alert to the reality that this is the most contagion we’ve seen thus far, that the growth in our community is spreading and many are experiencing fatigue and confusion surrounding the re-opening of Mexico’s economy. 


So what now?

First, we should all be proud of how well we’ve done to date. We have flattened the curve while important learning and preparations have taken place to be more prepared for the future of living with this virus. In many ways, this is unfolding exactly as we’d hoped. SLOWLY. 

Secondly, stay vigilant. Stay safe. Help your friends to keep the faith. One day at a time. The virus is really here now, anywhere and everywhere. Of the 278 cases we’ve identified so far, 274 of them have been “community spread” – which means the patient has no history of travel, no contact with a known COVID-19 case. The infection was picked up somewhere in our community. 

Finally, if you haven’t already, prepare yourself for the possibility of illness and plan to care for yourself, at home. The vast majority of Covid-19 patients recover at home. But please know that it’s not easy. For many, this is NOT a minor illness. And because it’s so contagious, you will need to be as independent with self-care as possible. 

Now is the time to make sure you have what you need. You will NOT want to go shopping when this virus hits you, and your active virus-shedding would pose a real threat to anyone you encounter. This is the time to get organized.

The Guide for Providing Care at Home can be found in English and Spanish on (web version) and 

(PDF/printable versions). 


Everything you need is listed there, but to reiterate:

  1. Form your circle of friends. You will absolutely need someone to help you, even though their support will be arm’s length and/or virtual. You can’t do this alone.
  2. If you don’t have a primary care physician, find one. Most doctors in San Miguel are now offering telemedicine services and doing client intakes that way. 
  3. Envision how to set up your home to ensure your isolation from others, while being easy for you to care for yourself. 
  4. Be sure you have access to a pulse oximeter. This can be a shared resource but know where to get one. 
  5. Get a thermometer and a supply of over-the-counter flu medications. Stock up on “when I have the flu” foods and liquids (electrolyte-type especially). Be generous with yourself. If you get through this without using them, they will be easy to share or donate. 
  6. Consider maximizing the capacity of your credit card. Many private hospitals are requiring a minimum fee 330,000 pesos for a Covid-19 admission. A few days of expert care (not on a ventilator) is sometimes all that’s needed to get back on track.

This isn’t intended to scare anyone or inflame the situation. These proactive measures are what we Sanmiguelenses do best – we step up. When the going gets tough, we up our game. We help one another. Together we can push through the next couple of months – si se puede!